Mission Statement

 The Society for Infectious Diseases and HIV/AIDS (SIDHA) represents professional interests of its members, namely physicians, scientists, and other health care professionals working in the field of infectious diseases and HIV/AIDS. SIDHA is committed to:

  • promoting an optimal health care of patients with infectious diseases;
  • providing specialist opinions and representing the experts opinions on infectious diseases for any organism/ organisation demanding for consultancy on specific issues related to infectious diseases;
  • developing and revising scientific guidelines in the field of infectious diseases, in close collaboration with other organisms in the field, applying national, regional, and international regulations;
  • supporting its members in their professional endeavours;
  • disseminating knowledges in the field of infectious diseases
  • encouraging excellence in research in the field of infectious diseases;
  • enhancing communication between different branches involved in studying and curing infectious diseases, in order to reach a common voice;
  • building an unitary image of this medical specialty and presenting it to the patients and, moreover, to the general public;
  • defending the importance of preparedness against infectious diseases’ threats in health care policies and strategies;
  • supporting and promoting the principles of medical ethics;
  • sustaining cooperation with other medical specialities.